Chicken Paprikash

Ingredients:Chicken Paprikash
• 3 1/2 pounds chicken, cut up
• 2 large onions, chopped
• 1/3 stick butter
• 5 TB spoons paprika
• 1 1/2 cups chicken broth
• 4 TB spoons flour
• 1 pint sour cream
• 4 cups flour
• 1 cup water
• 4 eggs
• 2 pinches of baking powder
• salt

• Saute onions in butter and paprika until tender.
• Add chicken and brown on all sides.
• Add broth, cover, and simmer until tender- about 1 hour.
•Remove chicken from pan.
•Taste for seasoning.
• Blend flour into sour cream until smooth.
• Add to broth.
• Simmer, stirring constantly until thick.
• Do not boil.
• Pour over chicken and dumplings.
• Combine all and drop by teaspoon into boiling water.
• Boil for 3 minutes.

PS. The recipe came from my husband’s grandmother- Ellen Ritthaler. When our son was a baby he used to call it: Chicken Prikash and that is how it is known in our family. Ellen’s Chicken Prikash.

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  1. Susan Stadt says:

    The dumplings will have a little more flavor if you boil them in chicken broth.

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