• 2 eggs
• 2 TB spoons milk
• 1 TB spoon clarified butter
• salt, white pepper

• Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F.
• Crack the eggs into a glass mixing bowl and beat them until they turn a pale yellow color.
• Break the eggs into a small bowl, whisk with the fork.
• Add the milk to the eggs and season to taste with salt and white pepper.
• Beat as much air as possible into the eggs.
• Preheat an 8-inch nonstick saute pan over medium low heat and swirl the butter into the pan.
• Pour in the egg mixture and swirl it in the pan.
• Increase the heat.
• For a few seconds, gently stir the egg mixture with a heat resistant rubber spatula (as if you were going to make scrambled eggs) and then swirl the eggs in the pan to make a nice round appearance.
• Reduce the heat to avoid any color or scorching. Continue cooking for about 1 minute. The eggs will be set on the bottom, but slightly liquid on top.
• Gently fold the omelet in half, and remove it from the heat.
• Put the omelet on plate and put the plate into an oven for 30 second.
• Serve.

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