• 100 g wilted spinach ( You can also use frozen and thawed spinach for convenience)
• 1 cherry tomato or sundried tomatoes (chopped Roma tomato works too)
• 35 g of strong soft cheese (such as Tunworth, Golden Cenarth, or other strong soft cheese) I like using Camembert
• 1 egg
• 1/4 cup cream
• 15 g grated hard cheese (such as Old Winchester), Mozzarella cheese works too
• Fresh basil leaves – torn
• Charcuterie (optional)

• Butter a small oven proof dish, line with wilted spinach and make a well in the bottom.
• Next, place your quartered cherry tomato or chopped sun dried tomatoes on top of the spinach.
• Dot the soft cheese around the dish amongst the tomatoes and then add your torn basil leaves. If you have opted to include charcuterie, then add this too. Season with salt and pepper.
• Crack your egg into the center of the spinach, then pour your double cream over the egg (try not to break the yolk).
• Sprinkle on your grated hard cheese then place in the oven 350° F  (180°C) for 8-10 minutes.
• Once taken out of the oven, let it stand of a few minutes, then enjoy!

You can also mix all the ingredients except for the hard cheese and microwave in the oven proof dish for 1 minute, then sprinkle with the hard cheese of your choice and bake in the airfryer at 360° F for 8 minutes.

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