churchhelaChurchkhela (alsowritten churchkhella, Georgian: ჩურჩხელა, Russian: чурчхела,Turkish: köme,orcik,pestil cevizli sucuk),soutzoukos (Greek: σουτζούκος), soutzouki (Greek: σουτζούκι), or kaghtsr sujukh (Armenian: քաղցր սուջուխ), are traditional sausage-shaped candies originating from Georgia. It is also popular in Russia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.In Turkish it is calledpestil cevizli sucuk, literally walnut sujuk because of its sausage shape.
The main ingredients are grape must, nuts and flour. Nuts  are threaded onto a string, dipped in thickened grape juice  and dried in the shape of a sausage.

cheburekiChebureki- (Crimean Tatar: çiberek, Turkish: çiğ börek, Tajik: chiburekki, Romanian: șuberec, Azerbaijani: ət qutabı, also known asçır-çır) (sing.: cheburek) is a fried turnover with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions. It is similar to the peremech of the Volga Tatars, but made with a single round piece of dough folded over the filling in a half-moon shape. A national dish of the Crimean Tatars, it is also popular with the Crimean Tatar diasporas in Turkey, Romania, Russia, and Uzbekistan.
Chiburekki is a type of deep-fried dough cake made in Tajikistan. They may be deep-fried or baked and are usually stuffed with minced or chopped meat and onions. They are popular as snacks in Tajikistan.
Çiğ börek or Çibörek (“raw börek”) is a half round shaped börek, filled with raw mincemeat and fried in olive oil, very popular in Turkey in places where a Tatar community exists, such as Eskişehir and Konya.

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